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1 floor house plans are convenient and economical, since a simple structural design minimizes material costs. These plans are also eco-friendly since they require less energy to warm and cool – energy does not dissipate throughout a 2nd level. With this in mind, 1 floor house plans will most likely increase in popularity over the coming decades. What more, in a one-floor building, the number of stairs is reduced, making it easier and faster to navigate the house on foot, or using a wheelchair. One level also provides for easy maintenance.

One story plans are also ideal for young families who need to watch over their little children, or to keep close to the nursery. A wise idea is to build on a plan that creates room for possible expansion of the house. The option available for this is to either build the house such that addition of more floors is possible, or leave room for expansion on the sides or the rear.

Great floor plan designs to have

Nowadays, there is a wide range of floor plan designs which you may opt to have. Various designs have got different costs and therefore it is advisable to first decide on the kind of floor plans you want. You can do so by considering factors like durability, maintenance costs and your budget. The following are some of the floor plans available.

Elegant medallions, decorative borders and inlays

This design is a privilege and many people enjoy it up to today. Medallions are a bit expensive and they are longer. They have wide range of styles, designs, colors and shapes.

Wooden and stone medallions

This design makes house floor to appear more inviting. Medallion design has become the main focal point among many new homes. The best thing with it is that it can be used on landings, patios, bedroom floors and on stairways. A border work or an exotic looking medallion is a great house floor plan.


1 floor house plans

Design a floor plan for your home

A floor is a very important aspect of your home extensions or home renovations plans as determines how your home will look. You can design a floor plan for your home yourself and then seek the assistance of a building designer or architect who will guide you in improving the starting stages of your concept.

When you have decided to design the floor plan of your home you need to consider few factors. Firstly, you will need to determine how big your home is going to be and the square footage of your home that you have planned. You should strive to maximize the space that is available to you within total square feet. You also need to consider the shape of your home as you will get more square footage if your home is square shaped rather than rectangle shaped. You should design the floor plan according to your current as well as future plans. You can add more bedrooms if you want to live for longer years but if you are planning to use your home for temporary use then you can select a simpler design.

In conclusion, the above floor plans are very great when it comes to flooring. You can try any of them and it will work out fine for you.

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