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When you are planning to make home improvements, it is vital to balance reliability, cost-effectiveness and aesthetically gorgeous design. If you choose brick as the main element of your home, whether you are planning to build a new home or remodeling your existing home, make it clear in your mind that you know what to anticipate, so the  brick house plans you have in your mind will not let you down in the end.

There are three main types of brick manufacturing available. The first is the extruded brick which is strained through a rectangular die to later cut into individual bricks with added textures, makes it the most modern and the most inexpensive brick selection. The second is the machine-molded bricks that have the impression and classiness of handmade brick but at a relatively reasonably priced price. The last is the handmade brick which utilizing traditional process from centuries ago, in which the brick is pressed into wood molds. This is the more expensive than any other type of the extruded or machine-made brick.

brick house plans

Remember that the location spot of your home will determine the type of bricks and mortar joints you need for your home. For seaside home, exposure grade bricks are recommended because it can endure under the harsh weather and salty air spray hence more durable long longer period. As for other common homes and location, general purpose grade brick will be proper enough. Bricks available in the market come in an assortment of colors from light neutral tones to deep dark shades for you to choose the right brick according to your home’s style and theme. Brick textures are including Velour, Fritted, Mexi, Rolled, Smooth, Pearl Torn, Tumbled, Velour and Splitface.

The last but not the least thing in the designing the brick house plans is to keep remembers about the mortar which makes up 20 percent of a brick wall. A minor adjustment in mortar color could significantly transform the look of your house. Many home buyers at the moment match the mortar to the brick for a monochromatic, flawless look, and normally used computer or Web-based programs to view the options. The column and the type of mortar joint of your selection will influence the look of the bricks. The mortal colors are usually in white or off white, Natural or grey, cream or buff, while also available in colored mortar to match the brick color; while the mortar joints distinguished from the common mortar joints, whether it can be ironed, flush, raked.

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