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Design Your Kitchen Floor Plan In Four Types

The design your kitchen floor plan needs to have is very important especially when you are on your plan to create a dream new kitchen with the best furniture and cabinets in it. A kitchen floor plan means the plan of a shape over a big paper describing how will the kitchen looks like, where the countertop, appliances and furniture will be placed. Looking at the kitchen plan will also become a great help because you can imagine how your kitchen activity will be done so that you can adapt right before having the real one.

Nowadays, people can find four different kitchen floor plans they often use for the kitchen. Each style represents its benefit and lack, since nothing is perfect. Therefore, you need to take a deep mind carefully before taking a decision. The first style is an L-shaped kitchen. Herein, you can find that the work stations located in two walls making the L-shape. It will be a great idea to have this type of kitchen since you can do your cooking activity with an effective L-shaped work area and moreover, since it is normally becoming an opened kitchen to the nearby room, you can also talk with your family or visitors in the nearby room.

design your kitchen floor plan

The second is the U-shaped kitchen. This type of kitchen is very versatile and well suited for spacious kitchen since it offers continuous work area from three different sides of the walls. It also offers you more spaces for placing more various cooking appliances such as microwave, mixers, coffee maker and so on. Most kitchens are using this type because many people just need spacious area to work in the kitchen. The third type is the G-shaped kitchen which is quite similar with the U-shaped kitchen with addition of partial fourth wall or countertops. If you have a very big room and want it to get separated between dining room and kitchen, this type of kitchen would be great, since the fourth countertops can be the separator and tables where the finished dishes can be placed in the dining room.

However, if you happen to get a smaller kitchen, a single wall shaped kitchen is more than enough. You can combine both the dining room and kitchen in the same room and therefore, a single work area would be more than enough. After all, the gathering is more important than the spacious area. Lastly, whatever design your kitchen floor plan should be considered carefully since it will be one of room where you probably spend most in the house.

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