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The Way Of Design Your Own Building Free          

Design your own building free is very popular nowadays. People can design their own design of building depends on their own creativity and references. You can find these building design websites free. There are several best online building design plans in the website, such as Gliffy, SmallBluePrinter, SmartDraw and Floorplanner. Those websites very recommend for you to get the software building application online. You can download them free and can be installed in your laptop or PC. Make sure that you have plenty spaces for this application. They deliver a reputable program as application for designing your building plan with specific measurements of land, size of room and placement of furniture.

Next, this is time for you to go the specific website and sign in with your personal address of email and account. Sometimes, you can use your own email account or make an account specialize to enter to this website. You know that they are such reputable and official website, so it will keep their own website privacy. After signing up your personal account, you can start to design the wall, floor and decide the room of your building. Building the outer of edges is very important to limit between this room and other rooms. You click and start to drag the vertical and horizontal line to make wall tools in creating the outer of edges. Design the outer of edges clearly to make you understand the limitation well.

design your own building free

After designing the outer of edges, you can start to create others. You design the window and door. If you give two or three separate levels in your house building, you can design the stairs carefully. Measure the height and width of your stair. So, you have 3D and 2D program in order to make your building construction looks lively as if it likes a really miniature house construction. After finishing design the outer of edges, design the room, door, and window, you can involve the furniture for every room design in your building design.  It is better for you to give colors touch in your furniture design.

For example, if you want to design bedroom, you can give bedroom, wardrobe, wall paint, window, and door design. Then, for living room, you can put the sofa, table, wall painting, rugs, wall painting, and others. How about bathroom, bathroom is better to put the bathtub, shower, toilet and bath. In addition, if you choose to give garden in your front porch, you can add the design of landscaping in your front porch of design your own building free.

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