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A house floor plan is essential in the home design process because it provides the detail information about the formation of the house. The floor plan is the most simple and effective way to learn how much the space you gave, along with the space plus points and its shortcomings. With all this available, a house plan then can come in handy regarding to the house decoration also because it enables you able to visualize the furniture layout. As a road map of your home, build a house floor plan means you have to integrate the most critical dimensions and specifications required to the home construction.

To create an accurate floor plan to scale, you can start by measuring the room. If you are crafting a floor plan of a real physical space and not by imagining it, firstly you have to measure the length of the longest wall using the tape measure. In general, you should measure all the walls from side to side and from the floor to the ceiling. Measure to the nearest ¼ inch and scale it down to make sure that all the drawings are fitted in one sheet of graph paper. Remember that this rule of scaling ought to be applied for every measurement you executed.

build a house floor plan

Next, measure also the length of the remaining walls as well as the doorways, all other entries and the window opening without the framing. Draw the door as a line and the window as double line. Specify the direction of the door and the swing of the door when it opens with an arc along with the distance of each opening from the ends of the walls. As for the window, jot down also any moldings surround the windows. Determine the distance from the floor to the bottom of the window frame as well as from the ceiling. Incorporate all of these in your floor plan. Do not forget to measure also the entire built-in fixture such as fireplaces, counters, brackets and shelves as well as the electrical outlets, switches, and the location of other controls.

When you build a house floor plan, start from the ground floor using your preferred scale to draw out the basic room shapes. Do not forget to draw also any major structural things like stairs, bay windows and chimney breasts. Stairs between the ground floor and first floor should be shown on the ground floor plan. You could use comprehensible symbols to represent the various items of equipment such as smoke detector, fire blanket, heat detector, etc.

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