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Get Your Own Free Small House Plans For Your Dream Home

Various free small house plans are available in many options,but you have to consider to some crucial factors that will take place when you realize your dream house. Having housed that suitable with your own desire is something that make you feel proud because the house is the same as you wish and you feel that your dream come true. Vacation house can use this free plan as your option for the house you really want. Cabin, retirement cottage, energy-free solar home, lake house, homestead farmhouse, backyard guest house, fishing, hunting or camping bunk are some great option for you in making small house in free.

If you are going to make small cabin, you can choose two story cabin plans that will only spend about 460 square foot that have unusual layout. Small lavatory is placed at the first floor and there is also all purpose room inside the house. The stairs will lead you up to the full bathroom and small bedroom; you can even go to the balcony at the second floor. This small house is suitable for your small vacation place which is used only for single person. College student, teenager and caretaker might be suitable with this kind of house. You also can use it as your studio behind your house. Simple, easy, and fun, that is cabin house.

Free Small House Plans

Therefore, if you want something more space for your house but still in small category, solar home can be the great solution. It is not only affordable in price but also in energy bills, this is so perfect for you who want house but don’t have to spend lot of money. Green Passive Solar House or Passive Shed is the option that comes as the solar homes. Bring three bedrooms along with two bathrooms also completed with an open plan; this house is such a great house in only 1,356 square foot layout. With this house, you are not only purpose house as the place to stay, but it can also be used for other purpose, capture the sunlight with solar system and change it into the energy.

When you desire to get simple house at the outside but great in the inside, small barndominium can be the perfect option for you. Even though it is identical with something large and can be functioned not only for living space but also workplace, the small one will only bring one of those two purposes. It will only be the living space. You need to determine the land space you will use for this barn;it can be about 336 square foot to 1000 or 2000 square foot. Therefore, the foundation and the frame should be considered carefully because those are the basic for the barn. Then, you can consider about the interior detail and the color also the theme that will be perfect for your new and free small house plans.

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