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Simple Yet Economic Green Modular Homes

Simple green modular homes are a modern house that uses a simple and cost-saving concept. Not in need of a lot of expense to make this house, you only need to use several types of materials that are environmentally friendly. Green modular concept began in the know at the end of the 90s, where houses are often found in coastal or near wilderness. If you like simple and comfortable home, then you needs to use this concept. Home is a place to rest after doing various everyday activities, so create a comfortable home so you can rest comfortably and you will feel safe staying there.

If you want a comfortable home, then you can use materials that are able to provide a sense of comfort for its users. One of the reasons why the house can feel warm in winter and cool in the summer is due to the use of wood as well as the presence of good ventilation for air exchange in the house. If you want a comfortable home then you can use green modular design, because the concept of this house has a simple style and a relaxed, so you will feel comfortable while staying in it. Home is the most important asset you have, so keep your house as well as possible.

Green Modular Homes

There are some people who have a desire to create an environmentally friendly home yet comfortable in use. You can combine the green modular design with modern concepts or with a unique concept. There are various forms of home you can make to beautify your home, and following some kind of unique concept for your home. First, blue home concept, this house has an area of 633 to 3,600 feet, it is not a comprehensive measure, but the house can be used for two to four people. This house can be found in California, the uniqueness is using 40% glass.

The unique concept Another idea box, you can create a home with a form box that is very unique, you can create two stories with a different shape, usually a house with two stories have the same design, but with a different idea of the box, because you can create a form that different on the second floor. There is also a glass house, which uses 70% of glass as a material, your home will look brighter every day, but the greenhouse is not good for nature because the reflected heat the glass to make the ozone layer is getting perforated. Make a unique home by using green modular homes style.

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