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Craftsman style house plans originated in California, USA. They are popularized and inspired by architects Charles and Henry Greene during the early 1900s. Those genuine architects brought the simple bungalow style to the next level by combining influences from the English arts and crafts movement as well as Asian building techniques. However, the craftsman style home itself was originally born out of the arts and crafts movement in Britain.

Craftsman house plans are basically requiring the handicraft skills of local workmanship as well as built using some natural materials. From the outlooks, craftsman style home normally has gabled roofs those are lower in height or closer to the ground as the usual, large sized part of a roof that meets or overhangs the walls of a building and spacious verandas. Wood, stone and bricks are normally the natural materials to use on building craftsman style homes. Therefore, by having these kinds of homes you might get some advantages on having a natural and organic feeling in your new craftsman home. An exposure of rafters and beams is one of the uniqueness of this style. As the foundation walls, the style of houses often use stones. Moreover, their windows and doors in which normally made out from colored glass like those used in some churches are one of its uniqueness.

craftsman style house plans

The interior side of craftsman home plans is often having earthly color and tones, because craftsman homes are basically made out of woods, stones and bricks. Therefore, in order to bring up the natural atmosphere, most of craftsman houses also have them built together with its handmade furniture like cabinets, tables and chairs. Its generous verandas could be very comfortable for having lazy times in your house. Or else, by chilling in the porches, you can enjoy the layout and having quality time with your beloved family. This style of homes is typically having few hallways and spacious rooms, because they are basically built to satisfy the gathering time for your beloved family. Craftsman homes often have breakfast or reading corner or recess and an interconnected kitchen and dining rooms making them in particular well suited to your living.

This kind of houses is artistically having a rustic vintage construction that are built in together with some materials taken from the nature e.g. woods, stones and bricks and therefore, providing a cozy and peaceful atmosphere for you, your family, relatives and friends. However, having a craftsman style home doesn’t have to mean that you are purely back to nature, but you still can give some modern touches from totally different themes inside. At last, craftsman style house plans are various and can be developed by your creativity and your tastes.

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