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The Unique Basement House, Hillside House Plans

Hillside house plans styles are suitable for you who wish for house with basement that is not placed under the ground in exactly term. Sloping lot is the design which is had by this kind of home plans; you can choose where the sloping lot is and match with the land area where you are going to build this kind of home plans. You need to ask some opinion to contractor to get the right side of sloping lot in order to get the right appearance for the overall look outside. Front-to-back or front corner-to-back are two options that you can choose for the sloping lot basement for your house. It is not exactly under the ground, but it opens to a side yard and or the backyard as the daylight basement.

Even though it is a bit unique as for the house, you still can get the big advantages of this house. Outdoor access is one of the big advantages you can take from this kind of house. Moreover, you can add sliding glass doors to complete the appearance and get the beneficial of the outdoor access. Let’s talk more about this home plans to get the right house appearance you wish. First is about one or two stories that you are going to make. You can determine the stories that you want for this house; it can be either one or two stories, so it depends on your desire. Actually, any kinds of house can be made in this sloping lot appearance, but the most popular style that suitable for this house is modern and contemporary style.

Hillside House Plans

The appearance of the lower lever of the first floor, basement, is usually only has window on the rear wall. This sloping lot appearance makes the home feels wider and larger than it is, this is the trick to make your house feel larger and wider that the true one. It is because, the house usually comes in streamlined and horizontally oriented which make the house feels small and don’t have to much wide room. If you just have house but still want to expand it and add some space, use this trick to get the new space might be the right decision instead of doing big renovation for the house that will cost more expensive.

Therefore, other than contemporary and modern house style, French Chateau and Mediterranean are two others option of house style that very suitable to be hillside house with sloping lot area. Making this kind of home is just like make two homes that are merged into one; you can leave the basement area as your children private area and completed it with storage room, kitchen, small living room and private bathroom. If you want to get the additional space than the private room with second kitchen, you can change your basement in sloping lot into home theater area, or billiard place. Enjoy your functional rooms with Hillside house plans design.

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