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The Famous Katrina Cottages Floor Plans

Katrina cottages floor plans are becoming more and more popular especially after the Hurricane Katrina that hits back in 2005. After the tragedy itself, with many people losing their homes they will have to rebuild their homes from zero again. This time though, they would want to build a home that is strong and durable in its foundation yet still affordable even with its simple design and style. With the house plan being very popular especially in south central and eastern of the United States, it is no surprise that this type of home design could be well-adapted in any location around the world because of its modesty, simplicity and the whole construction being affordable.

One of the many reason in creating a Katrina cottage type of a home is to protect the house itself from floods or other natural disasters. With that being said, there are a lot of homes that use this particular design that build full basement foundation, crawl-space or even a slab for people to stay in during a storm or hurricane. This is actually a good idea, so people have a safe-space during those times without losing their homes or their lives. With the safe space (emergency space) that they have created, they could stock the place with emergency food and first aid, so that when it comes the time that you need to use the place with your family, you will not run out of food, drink or other necessities.

katrina cottages floor plans

This particular type of home design was actually aimed to be quick in their construction process, with higher quality yet with lesser budget needed. The floor plan of this type of home has caught on to a lot of potential homeowner’s attention. Even though most of these houses are usually quite compact and small in their sizes, they are still perfect to be used as residential homes, vacation or holiday homes or even for guest homes. In some area of south east America, the whole neighborhood consists of houses with Katrina cottages floor plans or layouts.

If you want your contractor or architect to build this type of home, you could always browse for them online on the internet. From some sources even, they said that these plans are available from as low as USD$850 and up. For the inside layout of the house though, it could be customized to the budget that you have in hand. Other than the budget that you have to consider, other conditions such as local conditions and permit codes need to also be considered if you are going to use Katrina cottages floor plans for your new home.

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