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Feel The Coastal Breeze With Low Country House Plans

Low country house plans design provides the coastal feels that comes in your house. This house is coastal house type of Coastal area in Southern United States. As one of most popular house among other option, you will be pleased with the Southern architecture from this house. Appear in wide and large outdoor living space to complete and cover the porches, this low country house offer you an open floor plans along with the elegance feeling of it. The charm of this house will also easily be felt by you. If you are looking for home vacation, this kind of house can be the great option for you and you will really enjoy it. But you also can choose this house style as your house style option but feel the vacation nuance.

If you have decided to build this low country house, Don Gardner can be your good option of contractor which will help you realize your dream about your low country house. From Don Gardner website, you are able to find tens of or even hundreds of the house plans that can be used as your house option. One, two, 1.5 or even 3 stories can be made and can be had by you for this low country house. Allendale has the 1.5 stories which provide 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms inside the house. For this Allendale option, you will have to use land about 1862 total square feet for only the house. Therefore, if you want higher and house like villa and huge building, 3 stories will suitable for the option.

Low Country House Plans

There are some popular house option from this house plans, there are Allendale (I and II), The Palm Vista, The Hollandale, The Thorne Bay, The Kendleton, The Ringgold, The Waycross, The Santee, The Sunburst, The Hollyhock, and The Marigold. Most of those home plans provide the 1.5 stories, but there is also some other which gives you one or two stories. For the three stories, you might be pleased to build The Palm Vista that brings you great and huge building along with the luxury and elegant look. For this Palm Vista home plan, you will need to spend 4,441 total square feet only for the building with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms without any garage.

The single story comes with simple look but get the charm that is provided by The Kendleton and the Ringgold which you need to spend 2038 total square feet for The Kendleton and 1886 total square feet for The Ringgold. Inside both, you will find the same amount of bedroom and bathroom: 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Southern charm from this house will be felt by you, and you also will feel the coastal breeze along with the fascinating appeal. Suitable for the family house or even vacation house near the coastal. With the open floor plans, any setting will always fits for this kind of low country house plans style.

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