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Nowadays, the planning of building a home can easily be done by few clicks from your couch. The advancing technology of the internet provided us with more comprehensive web-based digital design tools to build a home online that allows you to use it directly on the website without obliged to download anything. There are bunches of it, and here are some of the best online virtual programs for planning and designing your home.

Floor planner is an uncomplicated but effective platform to create a new floor plans and room layouts, all you need is just drag and drop the walls, windows, doors, huge object and decorate it with wide array of furniture and design elements. It offers 2D and 3D view in single line, surface or objects drawings to create a big picture of whether entirely new home, individual rooms, or landscaping. Perhaps one of the most versatile tools, Floorplanner facilitate you to create one plan for free; but if you want to enhance and maximize the plan, you should upgrade it to premium account that provides more storage space, sub-domain, custom theme and multi-user tools.

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If you take pleasure in mousing your way through Google Earth, then Google Sketchup will be the right 3D modeling program to concept the architecture of your desired home along with the shed, interiors to even vehicles. This free and user friendly tool offers you an relatively accurate 3D view that will really useful to visualize the physical project of the incorporated design objects, texture, and landscape of your choice. In addition, it includes Match Photo feature to trace a photo to create a model and Google Maps integrated to assign a geo-location of the model. Upgrade to Sketchup pro for more import-export option and create visual presentation.

AutoCAD is perhaps the most popular and professional names for home and building designing. Now, Autodesk, the designer of AutoCAD as well as 3ds StudioMax has created the Autodesk Homestyler, a free online tool in 2D and 3D modeling to help you create and customize floor plans, rooms layouts and decorating scheme. This easy to use program allows you to just drag and drop commands to let you create the space of your dream with multiplicity of door and window selection as well as appliances, furniture and numerous décor items. You can start to build a home online either started from scratch, upload wall coverings image or choose from any design available. Furthermore, the program also gives you the possibility to visualize the room by decorating it with the actual products of branded names.

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