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A bi-level home, or raised ranch is a two level home in which the front door is actually located in between the first and second floor. When you walk into this split-entry, you will see that the foyer is actually halfway between the two main floors of the house which allow you to go up and down. This entryway will lead you to the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom if you take a few steps up; and if you go another short set of flight downstairs to the lower floor you will usually find the family room or the teenager room with additional bathroom. Bi level house plans in general located the garage below the upper level that accessed through the lower level. The raised basement is usually found in this level too but some others do not include basement, or the basement might be in the structure that aforesaid regarded as the lower floor.

Greatly owed to the early concept of the splitting house with different levels to demarcate the living room from the bedroom, which introduced by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, bi-level homes offer the possibility of building a house in a lesser square footage within a lesser expensive cost. For this reason, the house was truly popular and high in demand throughout the 1970s to the 1980s in the United States because of the soaring inflationary economy at the time. In some part of the US, particularly in the Northeastern, bi-level house is commonly called as the split-level home.

bi level house plans

The majority of the bi-level houses are around 1000 to 2000 square foot in width, as it were previously built some decades ago. But as the time goes by, the home style is back into the limelight, notably in the late 1990s. This time, some of the houses become more spacious in size, once a public common housing becomes a luxurious mansion. The main reason is mostly because the house is already happened to be the iconic home of Americans as well as the pervious advantage it performs: require smaller lots and economical in price.

Some of the idea to modify the bi-level house plans is by modifying the walls to make the house appear bigger. To modify into a Victorian look, add walls with exceptionally narrow entries; but if you want to have more contemporary barn look, remove walls and locate new ones in on different angle.

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