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In the architectural categorization, a big house is in general a home design with more than 3,200 square feet in width. Wide array of many architectural styles possibilities is suitable for big house plans from Victorian style to Mediterranean, Northwest and Edwardian style, to any manorial estate as well as castle-like mansion. The house is design for bigger budgets and bigger plots, with the amalgamation of altogether luxury features. With its spacious floor plans, the house can brag its finer details and showcase all deluxe gathering spaces, well-appointed kitchens, and superfluous amenities.

Archival design is generally utilize for estate architectural luxury home plans for its status and recognition as the modern adaptation of classic estate homes. The astonishing residence offers all the essentials for privileged lifestyle with poise. The estates home planes are usually based on the grand homes of historical Europe such as English manor, Tuscan villas and French chateaux as well as the grandiose estate of Southern style and Colonial of the Western home design character.

big house plans

For the French Country, the varied sloping rooflines that embrace gracefully the Old-World charms with permeable pavers of the walkway and outer courtyard that work in harmony with nature, is the most for the exterior home plans. However, while the interior is occupied with richly rustic impression that fashioned from individual reclaimed wooden planks and timber from old-growth forests safe and sound; it reveals modern, energy-efficient enhancements that confirm efficient living can also be luxurious both aesthetically and practically. In the other hand, the Southern style more seizes the spectacular European lavish design with its soaring ceiling, high foyer, and two-story ceiling fireplace.

The Mediterranean style features one-story design with sloped shallow roofs that slope as a rule to create a wide overhang. Courtyards and open arches allow for free breezes all the way through the house and verandas. Constructed with stucco exterior and a tile roof, this kind of big house plans are having the open, big windows throughout. The open homes plans also perform by luxurious Craftsman style to allow the beauty of the landscape occupy the house through its massive windows and porch, as an elegant mixture of outdoor and rustic elegance beneath high-ceilinged rustic timber indoor living spaces. The Northwest style features an artful stone for the hillside home exterior home to complement the architectural elements of the angled and the substantial roof line of low-pitched with deep overhangs. The interior usually simple in design, using mostly wood material with ample windows and massive vaulted great room that anchored with the large stone fireplace, makes it truly remarkable lush.

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