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The blueprints of a house are the original two-dimensional architectural designs that point out in detail the planned structure and the formation of the actual home. The information comprises in the blueprints are including the size, the material utilized in its construction and the placements of its features. In architectural design, the blueprints are the main source to build up a property and share the property designs in a most efficient and effective way. Along with its written specification, blueprints for homes also perform as the communication tools between the architecture and the construction workers.

Furthermore, the blueprints are also essential for the homeowners to get the most specific information about their home buildings, so they can generate more informed decisions on the construction and the remodeling project as well as for the need of crafting additional building in the future. In this regard, homeowners are also necessary to understand how to read the blueprints. Note that the scale of the blueprints is utilizing one of two scales; the architectural scales which use English measurements system of feet and inches, and the engineering scales which use scale measurement ratio such as metric measurements or feet measurements.

blueprints for homes

Basically, the blueprints of the home construction project can be divided into three main types. The first is the plan-two dimensional view i.e. the horizontal display of the planned building seen from above. The second is the elevation view i.e. the vertical display of one side of the building that includes the view from the north, south, west and east; and the last is the section view i.e. the cut-through display presentation on how a certain structure or part of the home will be built.

If the homeowners need to get the copy of the blueprints of their homes, they can contact the contractor who originally built the property. The information can also be acquired from the original building permit which supposed to be available in the filing center of the district zoning board or the land registrar. The homeowners normally required to pay a nominal charge for the copying and for the administrative cost. It will be easier if the home is fabricated, because usually the construction company builds hundreds of home from the identical blueprints for homes that they saved in their records. If the house is purchased from the private party who also built the property then the blueprints can be obtained from the original owners of the property.

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