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What is really a barndominium? It is a mix between a barn and a condominium that would be a new type of building that has been popular lately especially in country areas in the United States, such as Texas or Connecticut. Barndominium floor plans would usually be done by incorporating a living place inside a non-traditional structure of a building. The living space inside the building itself would take up less than half of the available space and the rest would be used as storage or barn space. They would usually use wood or steel metal frame for their siding and roofing and would incorporate apartment or condominium style of living area inside the particular building.

This type of building would be perfect if you are going to make it as a dual purpose of a living space and also place as a workshop, shop or workspace area. In this kind of floor plans, most would include many things that are not usually done inside traditional homes such as oversized roll-up doors or even single enclosed area that is large that could hold things like horse, livestock or even a boat to be placed inside it. One of the main advantage of using this particular type of building especially in the country area as a house for your family to live in is that they would cost much less than building a separate house and a barn.

barndominium floor plans

In order to design this particular concept and style for your home, you might need the help of experts and professionals like architects, interior designers, contractors and team of builders. Since they are quite experienced in this particular field especially if they live in the country areas, then they should be able to help you pick or customize the design of many floor plans for your new home. They would be very low in maintenance along with energy efficient and also has shorter construction time compared to other types of home especially conventional homes.

There are many different sizes of barndominium floor plans that you could choose from, starting from 1000-1600 square feet, 1601-2200 square feet, 2201-2700 square feet and 2701-4700 square feet types. Depending on how much land you got, you would need to choose for the appropriate floor plan to be used for your home. If you are still unsure or still estimating the cost of the construction and other things about this particular style of home, you could easily contact your contractors and talk about it with them to see if they have some ideas to help you.

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