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For a unique and different feel of a home when you are choosing a design to build your house with, you could choose to design Acadian home plans for your house. They are pretty simple in their design especially with the open floor plan for the living room, more spacious kitchen and family room and also three or four bedrooms that could be fitted into the house along with two or three bathrooms included. When you are designing this particular type of home design, you would want to think simplicity in a larger space. Simple doesn’t always mean tighter space; you could still have a simple home even with bigger and more spacious area for the rooms inside your house.

There are many different Acadian designs that are provided with Madden Home Design that you could choose from, such as The Laurel, The Countryside, The Willow, The Evergreen, The Beechwood, The Jefferson, The Tuscaloosa and many more. Each of this different type of design has different specific square feet for the house, along with various different amounts of bedrooms and bathrooms that comes with it. All of the design also has its own unique look from the exterior of the house itself that would make your Acadian home unique and different from others.

acadian house plans

This particular type of home design usually comes with a spacious front or back yard, or even both that would look lovely on the eyes especially with the front yard that includes walking pavements leading to the main entrance of the house. There are different types of plants, grass and pavement materials that you could choose from too that could fit the taste and style of your personal preferences to fit well with the overall look of the house specially from the front when people are walking by your house. Since this type of house was used a lot during the colonial years centuries ago, they have a simple and rustic feel especially when you look at them from the front of the home itself.

The main feature that Acadian style house plans have to offer are quite similar to “A-Frame” houses that has sloping roof with gables that could shed snow and moisture effectively, which would benefit the house as a whole especially during the winter time. This particular house is usually done in a one level or one and a half level stories high, with the area underneath the roof used as a sleeping space or as an attic storage space depending on the needs of the home owner.

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